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Leon Steel Construction is an established name within the Pretoria and surrounding area. We understand that fixing up the barriers around your home is all about providing security and easy access to you and your loved ones.

With years of experience in the steelworks and security services industry we boast a portfolio of steel construction & maintenance, carports and gate repairs. We cater for small, large and mediums size clients & businesses.

Contact us to work with a team that believes that quality is service.
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Our services

Fencing,Burglar proofing & Gates

We assist in the restoriation and building of the gates and fences that surrounds and protect your loved ones.

SteelWork & Repairs

We are general handymen when it comes to steelwork and repairs in and arround the home.Contact us for service & advice.


Wether your gatemotors' gears, electrical components or intercom is in need of attention.Let us help you install, fix and maintain it to new.

Roofs & Carports

L Steel Construction Builds, extends and restores new and existing roofs & carports.

Projects & Previous Works


Fence Building ,Burglar proofing and Refurbishment

Fencing, burglar proofing

Gate Construction & Repairs

Driveway gate construction

Roofs And Carports

Roofs and carports

Restoration of Steel Products